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Conversations about the current market and investments.

Conversations about nowadays market and the official launch of Network Capital #NETC

Talking with some of the most successful investors around the country, we noticed that one of the most reliable investment strategies these days is to look for extremely low prices in stocks, commodities, rates, currency pairs and crypto-currencies. A big part of them say this crisis should be exploited and the best opportunities in the stock world come from the biggest crisis.

Just after these words we noticed we were right before one of those big opportunities. One of the most important of this decade. Bitcoin is at 17.000 USD with a historic record of around 60.000. ETH is over the 1.200 USD with a historic record of around 4.000. This makes it possible for anyone to jump into the train before the big price outbreak, before these two giants exceed their historic record.

It’s important to note that the crypto-world will keep growing and there is no day it won’t. As every market, there are times in which it steps back or corrects, but we are assertive to think that crypto-currencies are the one truly future of finances.

Now we introduce Network Capital to you. A token that will make it Fairlaunch in december and wants to get into the market before this massive outbreak we talked about before and we see prices of 150.000 BTC or 12.000$ for ETH. Every estimation is pointing to that ranking and #NETC wants to seize that moment. Sell its token for a very low price and benefit from the high profits that are coming to duplicate its price 100 times its original value in Fairlaunch.

A lot of benefits and stakes payments for up to 4 months are also coming for their first investors.

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