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Benefits of buying NETC in the first 4 months. Start 2023 generating passive income with a high security project

It is a great opportunity for all those who wish to invest and generate profits from 2023. We have before us one of the most secure, structured and reliable projects in the entire BSC, from its 100% decentralized contract (ownership renounced) with taxes that do not can be amended, audit, kyc and its next tax registration and headquarters in Chicago as an active bank.


FAIRLAUNCH investors will earn a monthly APY of 250% on their investment in NETC, payments will be every 24 hours of 8.33% and will be made from the first day of listing on our PancakeSwap exchange for the first 4 months.

Investors who purchase NETC after completing the Launch Fair right on their launch to PancakeSwap will earn 160% monthly APY on their NETC investment, 5.33% payouts within 24 hours and will be made on the first day of our listing at PancakeSwap.  Payments will last 4 months.

You will buy at a very low price, the objective is to see a NETC at $100 thanks to its circulating offer of 500,000 NETC in the first 4 months.  Initially we will have 50,000 #nect in circulation but through staking payments we will release 45% of the total offer of 1,000,000, which would be a total of 50% of the offer released after the first 4 months.  and the remaining 50% of the blocked supply, this would generate a stable economy in our price and would increase it with the scheduled burning to be carried out.

You can earn up to 100x after launch on PancakeSwap, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Gate.io and Bitmart by buying NETC at their launch fair.  We will have around 12 exchanges confirmed to list our token within the first month of its launch.  This will revalue our price

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